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Cleaning your mate

Curar y limpiar el mate

There is a proper way to prepare and drink mate, but it is also important to know the process of cleaning and maintenance.

Step 1: Curing the mate

If your mate is made of pumpkin, it is very important to cure it before use. To cure the mate, add some yerba with warm water and leave it until the next day. Then we scrape the surface very well to remove the woody stem. This procedure can be repeated several times for more effectiveness. When the stem is completely removed, rinse and let dry in the sun. And is ready to use …

Step 2: Cleaning the container

After drinking mate, you should throw away all the Yerba and not leave it there for long. We rinse and drain the mate, and then we put it face up to dry. A common mistake is to put it upside down, which favors the appearance of fungi, according to the expert Karla Johan .Mates made of glass or ceramic are much easier to maintain for people who do not have much time.

Step 3: Cleaning the straw

The “bombilla” or straw is perhaps the most sensitive part, because it is shared with others. It is advisable to purchase a bombilla made with surgical steel and clean it after each use, but once a month you should do a deep clean: the straw is immersed in boiling water for about 30 minutes and afterwards it is scrubbed with a brush.

What if the mate has fungi?

Mate fungi usually appear in the form of a white layer. To remove them, you could wash it thoroughly with a brush, detergent and hot water. After that, we dry it well and proceed to fill the walls of the mate of ethyl alcohol and light them with fire. This will remove any traces left of fungi.

Bien limpiar el mate

The importance of properly cleaning the mate

The mate ritual includes sharing the beverage with a group of friends or even strangers, but this can be risky in winter, when flu and viruses are abundant. If the mate has not been cleaned properly, harmful agents such as fungi and bacteria are likely to proliferate. Besides, it is difficult to feel the real taste of a good mate if the conditions are not good; so it is better to take some time to cure it and wash it at the right time.