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In the News, Awards and Fairs category, you will find relevant articles and news highlighting Taragüi Global's participation in various events and awards: MateXperience by Yerba Mate Taragüi: Winner of the Innovation Award at SIAL Paris 2022. Discover how our flagship product, MateXperience by Yerba Mate Taragüi, was recognized as an outstanding innovation at SIAL Paris 2022. Lifestyle changes due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Explore how the quarantine as a COVID-19 prevention measure has drastically impacted and transformed our lifestyle, and how Taragüi Global has addressed these challenges. Taragüi en Tapas: A featured article in the renowned Spanish magazine. Immerse yourself in the special article on Yerba Mate that graced the 75,000-copy print run of the prestigious Spanish magazine Tapas, sharing the culture and tradition of Yerba Mate with a wide audience. Maximum Award for Agricultural Excellence in 2017. Learn how Taragüi Global was recognized with the highest award for excellence in the agricultural field in 2017, highlighting our commitment to quality and sustainability in our activity. Taragüi's participation in the Food & Service Space in Chile. Get details about our participation in the outstanding gastronomic event, Espacio Food & Service, in Chile, where we share our passion for mate and offer a unique experience to attendees. Explore these fascinating articles and news in our Press, Awards and Fairs section to discover more about Taragüi Global's achievements and participations in the yerba mate industry.