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Yerba Mate Taragüi on FOODEX Japan 2024

In a world where food transcends borders, events like FOODEX Japan 2024 are not just fairs; they are stages where innovation, tradition, and flavor converge. In this global crusade, Taragüi, the iconic Argentine yerba mate brand, has been creating a buzz, not only in Asia but around the world.

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FOODEX Japan 2024: A Window to the Future of Food

From 5th to 8th March, 2024, Tokyo Big Sight will become the meeting point for the global food industry. Featuring more than 2,500 companies from over 60 countries, FOODEX Japan 2024 is shaping up to be a key post-pandemic event, highlighting the theme “Total Solution of Food.” From innovations in frozen foods and food technologies to alternative foods, this fair offers a comprehensive view of the food industry.

The Argentine Yerba Mate Star: Taragüi at FOODEX

Taragüi, with its rich history and commitment to quality, is no stranger to these stages. Following a distinguished participation in FOODEX Japan 2023, the yerba mate supplier is gearing up to shine again in 2024. With a range of products that includes everything from traditional yerba mate to innovative infusions, Taragüi seeks not only to share a piece of Argentine culture, but also to explore new opportunities in the demanding Asian market.

A Global Journey: Taragüi in International Fairs

Taragüi’s presence at international fairs extends beyond Asia. The brand has made its mark at events such as Food & Service in Chile and SIAL Paris, where it surprised the world by winning the Innovation Award in 2022 with its MateXperience.This recognition not only honors the quality and creativity of Taragüi but also marks a milestone for Argentine products on the world stage.

Yerba Mate in the World

Taragüi’s journey reflects the growing curiosity and appreciation for yerba mate worldwide. Through its participation in these fairs, Taragüi is not just selling a product; it is cultivating an experience, educating international palates, and weaving rich Argentine tradition with global consumption trends.

On its journey from Argentine fields to international exhibition centers, Taragüi represents much more than a brand; it symbolizes the spirit of Argentina, ready to conquer tables and hearts around the world. As it looks towards FOODEX Japan 2024 and other future events, Taragüi not only anticipates commercial success but also the opportunity to continue sharing its cultural legacy with the world.

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You can find the Taragüi booth in East Hall 1 E1 – T21, within the Organics and Wellness local distributors section of FOODEX.

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