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Could yerba mate be a superfood?

The Guarani from South America found the great benefits of yerba mate – worshipping them as a gift from the gods – and consumed it to heal body and mind for thousands of years. Nowadays, in a totally different world, maybe with the new variations and more polished tools, consumption of yerba mate is increasingly spreading and may turn into the new trendy global ‘superfood’.

Yerba mate taragui puede ser un superalimento

What is ‘superfood’?

A food is deemed ‘superfood’ if it fulfills certain conditions:

  1. It has a strong effect on health;
  2. It is full of nutrients and enzymes;
  3. It represents a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals;
  4. It provides many phytonutrients and phytochemicals to avoid cell deterioration like antioxidants, detoxifiers; phytoestrogen to regulate hormones in a natural way, and cell regulators which inhibit the growth of malignant cells.

By including a superfood with these virtues in your everyday diet, you reinforce your immune system while reducing the risk of chronic diseases, heart problems and other health disorders.

Impacto de la yerba mate taragui en la alimentacion

Could yerba mate be considered a superfood?

The yerba mate tea is thought of as among the top and healthiest drinks in the world. Its excellent antioxidant power guards the body’s cells and enzymes, favouring endogenous processes and providing these benefits:

  • Significant medicinal properties. Yerba mate betters the immune system, avoids heart diseases, aids in slowing aging and cell degeneration, raises good cholesterol, maintains the digestive tract in good health and removes the cells which cause colon cancer… among several other properties!
  • Cholesterol control. Yerba mate is a marvellous antioxidant which prevents cholesterol and fat from piling up in the arteries and helps to lower the whole level of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Also, it could raise the level of “good” cholesterol, hence lowering the chance of infarctions.
  • Source of vitamin B. Yerba mate has a great quantity of B-complex vitamins, key for the proper working of DNA, regeneration of cells and processing of fat and proteins.
  • Source of potassium. Yerba mate has potassium, ideal for heart functioning, apart from other minerals and nutrients which prevent cell damage and oxidation.

Yerba mate taragui tiene efectos beneficiosos en la salud

  • Double effect: stimulating & relaxing. The caffeine, theobromine and theophylline which yerba mate contains stimulate the central nervous system and provide a potent restorative and energising effect, not only in the mind but also in the body.
  • Enhancement of cognitive functions.  Yerba mate enhances attention, focus and concentration. It has the ability to improve short term brain power. 
  • Neuroprotective effect. Yerba mate has substances which guard neurons more efficiently than other recognised neuroprotectors. Several active elements in the composition may even prevent Parkinson’s disease
  • Detox effect. Yerba mate tea causes a diuretic effect and helps prevent fluid retention in body tissues, favouring kidney function. 
  • Anti-inflammatory effect. Yerba mate favours muscle recovery after doing a high impact workout, and rehabilitation of an injured muscle.
  • Moisturising, nourishing virtues. Yerba mate is an ideal partner for beauty daily habits. It helps promote a healthy, soft skin and aids in strengthening the hair follicles, making hair grow in a healthy, voluminous way.
  • Positive effect on emotional health. By offering energy, yerba mate fights depression naturally, while fostering rest and a good night’s sleep. Moreover, thanks to its unique preparation and the ritual connected with sharing mate, it brings a positive feel-good element.

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