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Production of Yerba Mate

In Establecimiento Las Marias, the good quality of the yerba mate is guaranteed at all stages of its production, from extraction to consumption.

Stage 1: The nursery

Growing plant of yerba mate tea

After selecting the best specimens to ensure quality, millions of young plants are grown in the nursery.

Stage 2: Plantations

Yerba mate: Plantations

After six months, these young plants are taken to the field, where they receive care and dedication to grow with health, vitality and the best quality.

Stage 3: Harvest

harvest of yerba mate

The harvest of yerba mate is a combination of tradition and technology. The leaves are harvested only at the perfect time, when they are ripe, to ensure that yerba mate of the highest quality is being produced.

Stage 4 & 5: Drying

Drying Yerba Mate Taragui leaves

The leaves are directly exposed to heat from fire to delay fermentation and oxidation. Then they are exposed to a temperature of 100 ° C (212 ° F). Once dried, the leaves are crushed, and the result is what we call toasted yerba mate.

Stage 6: Aging

Aging yerba mate taragui

The distinctive flavor, color and aroma of the different varieties of yerba mate are the result of an aging process that is strictly controlled by experts.


milling yerba mate taragui

The processing is completed at the mill, where the yerba is treated according to its type, the way it was harvested and the time of year when it was processed. The different parts of the plant are mixed in varying proportions, depending on the origin and brand of yerba mate.

Stage 7: Tasting

The discerning palates of our tasters are the ultimate control of this process. They make sure that there is a perfect balance and lasting flavor in every variety of yerba mate that is being produced.


This last step in the processing chain is important to preserve all the good qualities of yerba mate, and that’s why Las Marías uses specially designed, airtight packaging.

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