Are there other ways to drink yerba mate?

Yerba mate is very versatile and it can be enjoyed in several ways.

For example, during the summer, cold-brewed yerba mate or tereré is very popular in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. This refreshing infusion is prepared with yerba mate (usually fruit-flavored), cold water and ice cubes. Here’s our recipe to prepare a delicious tereré for a sunny day.
Originally, yerba mate has a herbal and slightly bitter taste. Some people prefer to add sugar, sweeteners, honey or stevia. Here are some recommendations to sweeten your yerba mate.
Yerba mate comes in fruit-flavored versions like orange or other citrus fruits. Some people prefer to add fruit peels or natural herbs like mint, melissa or cedron leaves to add flavors and benefits.
Yerba mate can also be found in the form of tea bags, which makes it possible to add milk and sugar the same way as coffee or tea.
Mate with stems (“palo”) is the most classic version and the most popular among Argentines; but you can also find mate without stems.You can also find “low-dust” yerba mate, resulting in a more crystalline infusion.

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