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What to eat when drinking mate?

Mate is a very habitual beverage in South America that is generally consumed on a daily basis, even more than coffee or tea.

Especially in Argentina – the top producer of Yerba Mate – almost 9 out of every 10 people have mate around three times a day. The consumption of yerba is common at any time of day, but principally at breakfast and lunch.

Yerba mate taragui y las comidas

These are a few food suggestions to delight in when drinking mate.

Taragüi & Crunchy Camembert

A tasty Camembert cheese with caramelised almonds adjusts well to Taragüi, a balanced and noble yerba with a bit of a bitter flavour. This compensates for the strong elements of the cheese and the sweetness of the almonds.

Yerba mate taragui y almendras

Taragüi Sin Palo & Rogel cake with dulce de leche

Taragüi sin Palo is characterised by the flavour of toasted leaves and the lingering end taste. Therefore, it is great to drink it with a Rogel with dulce de leche. The blend with the sweet taste of the Rogel provides a pleasant sensory experience.

Taragüi Liviana & Sacramento with avocado

A lighter and gentler Taragüi is perfect to accompany some sacraments (puff pastries) with avocado, lemon, honey and salt. The mixture of these elements allows Taragüi Liviana to go with the combination smoothly.

Taragüi BCP & Tenderloin bruschetta with honey

The simpleness and freshness of Taragüi BCP (Low content of powder) is evened out with the barely smoked scent of the meat on a crunchy bruschetta spread with a dab of honey. The moderate acidity of the mate livens up the bittersweetness of this recommendation.

Gastronomia y yerba mate taragui

Healthy choices

Mate is a really healthy beverage with several benefits for human beings Actually, athletes and people who follow diets to lose weight regularly drink it. Because of this, those that prefer to drink mate with healthier and lighter choices can select rice cakes or even a small number of whole grain crackers. The key thing is that everything is part of a health-driven diet, as well as doing physical activity to complement it.

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