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What to eat when drinking mate?

Mate is a very traditional drink in South America which is usually consumed every day, even more than the coffee or tea.

Especially in Argentina, which is the first producer of Yerba Mate, nearly 9 out of 10 people drink mate, about 3 times per day. The consumption of yerba mate is common at any time of the day, but mainly at breakfast and lunch.

Yerba mate taragui y las comidas

These are some food suggestions to enjoy while drinking mate:

Taragüi & Crunchy Camembert

A delicious Camembert cheese with caramel-coated almonds adapts to Taragüi, a balanced and noble yerba mate with a slightly bitter flavor, which compensates the strong characteristics of the cheese and the caramel of the almonds.

Yerba mate taragui y almendras

Taragüi Sin Palo & Rogel cake with dulce de leche

Taragüi sin Palo is characterized by the taste of toasted leaves and its lingering final taste, so it is ideal to accompany a Rogel cake with dulce de leche. The combination with the sweetness of the cake offers a delightful sensory experience.

Taragüi Liviana & Sacramento with avocado

A lighter and more delicate Taragüi is ideal to go with some sacraments (puff pastries) with avocado, lemon zest, honey and salt. The mix of these ingredients allows Taragüi Liviana to accompany the combination in a smooth way.

Taragüi BCP & Tenderloin bruschetta with honey

The simplicity and freshness of Taragüi BCP (Low content of powder) is balanced with the slightly smoked aroma of the tenderloin on a crispy bruschetta painted with a touch of honey. The mate’s medium acidity manages to liven up the bittersweet nature of this proposal.

Gastronomia y yerba mate taragui

Healthy choices

Mate is a very healthy drink that has numerous benefits for the human body. In fact, it is often consumed by athletes and people who follow regimens to lose weight. For this reason, those who prefer to drink mate with some lighter and healthier options can choose rice cakes, for example, or even whole grain crackers in small amounts. The most important thing is that everything is part of a healthy and nutritious diet; and to follow an exercise routine that complements this diet.

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