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Which mate suits your personality?

Which is the best mate for you? This is a small guide for choosing the best yerba according to your needs, your personal tastes and your lifestyle.

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For the experienced

Mate with “palo” (stem) is the most classic version of this infusion, and also the most popular among Argentines. It has all the properties that make it such a valuable drink, being ideal for the traditional ritual of drinking mate with friends. Of course, you can also find mate without stems and with a higher amount of leaves.

Other traditional versions may also offer a lower amount of dust, having a long-lasting taste and a more crystalline liquid.

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For the busy ones

Students, workers, athletes and people whose life is a constant race and an endless to-do list… they will especially appreciate the “+energy” edition, which has 30% more natural content of mateine ​​and can be an interesting substitute for commercial energy drinks.

Boiled mate is also a good alternative for those who do not have time for drinking mate in the traditional way. This yerba comes in tea bags, which makes it possible to add milk and sugar the same way as coffee or tea. Those who are out all day and want to drink mate, can opt for the most practical option: to buy the “mate listo” or ready-to-drink mate at any kiosk or supermarket; this kit includes everything you need, such as thermos, gourd, bombilla (straw) and yerba.

For the adventurous

For those who like to experience new things and flavors, there is a variety of tastes that will make them travel the world. For example, “Orange from the east”, “Citrus from the coast” (with hints of orange, mandarin and grapefruit), the “Tropical passion fruit” or the “Mediterranean pear”. The ideal option for those who want to try something different or give a turn to traditional mate.

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And for the youngest of the family?

There is also a special version for our beloved children! Boiled mate for children is flavored with vanilla and honey, and at the same time it is enriched with vitamin A, C and zinc.

Thus, any member of the family can enjoy a good mate according to their tastes and preferences.

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