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“Mate is unique and everyone should try it”

Increasingly more people around the globe are hearing about the amazing benefits of yerba mate. The word is spreading beyond the countries in South America which produce mate. Interested people in new areas like Europe, for instance, are feeling inspired to try it.

We can mention Alice Beretta as an impressive case of this. She is an athlete from Italy that turned into a yerba fan. Alice is a professional ice hockey player. She belongs to the Italian national team – she has returned from China not long ago, where she represented her country in the world tournament.

Beaming and using an appealing Spanish, this cheerful woman talks to us about her “Mate rituals”.

Who is Alice?

—I’m 29 years old, live in Milan, I’m always kind and eager to party – but firstly, I’m an athlete! – she laughs.

How did you discover mate?

—I came across mate in Argentina, while travelling with the Italian team for the 2015 World Cup. Today I always carry it with me, I can’t live without it. It’s my power.

How do you drink your mate?

—I love drinking mate in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. I always take it bitter… do you know why? – she smiles – because I’m already sweet! I often drink it hot, although this summer I’m drinking it cold too, “tereré”. I enjoy it a lot.

Despite the fact that Alice doesn’t usually accompany her mate with food, she tells us that her diet is rather healthy: bread with jam in the morning, fruits, vegetables and meat for lunch and supper. “And mate all day long” – she adds.

As an athlete, what benefits do you find in mate?

—Mate keeps us in action, it enhances our concentration. I always feel more energetic after having mate… that’s why in my opinion it’s unique, there is no beverage which could replace it.

Where do you find mate when you are in Italy?

—I often buy it at the supermarket. Not all yerbas are equal. For me, the top yerba is Taragui, I truly like its taste.

Mate is not very common in Europe … What do your colleagues and friends think?

—They believe I’m crazy when they see I drink mate! Anyway, all of them want it after trying it… I keep recommending mate to everybody, it means magic and everyone should take it.

What do you like most about mate?

—As I see it, mate equals life… it gives me all I need to live happily and full of energy.

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