The perfect ”bombilla” for the perfect mate

The "bombilla" or straw is essential to enjoy a good mate tea.  This metallic piece, in the form of a thin tube,

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Yerba Mate, beyond Argentina

Each country has its own traditions and local culture, full of collective rituals. A recent article has highlighted some Argentine manners that

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One of the best drinks in the world

Unique for its countless benefits and its peculiar preparation, yerba mate has been recognized as one of the 50 most delicious drinks

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Is Mate Tea the secret weapon of successful soccer players?

Many studies have shown that yerba mate has a lot of healthy properties, thanks to its concentration of antioxidants and nutrients. Maybe

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5 undisputed advantages of mate over coffee

Both mate and coffee are caffeinated drinks and both are among the most consumed beverages in the world; However, in countries like

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How to prepare a good mate tea?

The process of preparing mate ("cebar", in Spanish) involves a series of techniques and tricks to ensure the best results. In this

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Highest award for Agricultural Excellence in 2017

Each year, the Galicia Bank and the Argentinian newspaper LA NACIÓN deliver the "Agricultural Excellence Awards" in 15 categories to the best

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”Mate is unique and everyone should try it”

More and more people all around the world are starting to hear about the great benefits of yerba mate. The word is

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10 excellent health benefits of yerba mate

Tea and coffee drinkers may be unaware that yerba is considerably healthier and more beneficial. This is a brief summary of all

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Which mate suits your personality?

Which is the best mate for you? This is a small guide for choosing the best yerba according to your needs, your

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How to recognize high-quality yerba mate?

Not only is necessary to know how to properly prepare mate; The quality of the yerba that we use to prepare it

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How to drink Mate during summer

Although it is traditionally a hot drink, Mate also has a cooler and refreshing version for the summer called "Tereré". It is

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Yerba Mate and Pregnancy

Since mate is a beverage containing caffeine, it is necessary to evaluate its consumption during pregnancy, especially in South American countries such

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What to eat when drinking mate?

Mate is a very traditional drink in South America which is usually consumed every day, even more than the coffee or tea.

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Yerba Mate and Training

Yerba Mate is a great source of nutritional and physical benefits for the human body. In addition to helping with energy, concentration

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Production of yerba mate

In Establecimiento Las Marias, the good quality of the yerba mate is guaranteed at all stages of its production, from extraction to

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Cleaning your mate

There is a proper way to prepare and drink mate, but it is also important to know the process of cleaning and

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Yerba Mate and Weight Loss

Yerba mate has excellent nutritional qualities and physical benefits on the human body, including the possibility of losing weight when it's consumed

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How to prepare a good mate tea?

Mate is a very special South American beverage and its preparation is very different from other infusions such as tea or coffee. It is necessary to know the process really well in order to prepare a good mate.

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Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate has important nutritional qualities and health benefits on the human body that have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

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Mate in Argentina

Mate is the most popular beverage in Argentina, well above coffee and tea. According to the National Institute of Yerba Mate an average of 100 liters of mate is consumed annually per person in the country. Mate is present in over 90% of Argentine households.

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What is mate?

Mate is an infusion made with yerba mate, very popular in South American countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. What

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What is the origin of mate?

Mate is a beverage from South America, very popular in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. To understand its present importance,

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