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Mate is a beverage from South America, very popular in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Yerba mate is grown in Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil, where conditions of soil, temperature and humidity are ideal.
Tea and coffee consumers might not be aware that yerba is significantly healthier and more favourable. This is a short summary of all the virtues which turn mate into a “super drink”.

  1. Yerba mate has 90% more antioxidants than green tea. This can be seen in its high amount of polyphenols, which enhance the body’s natural defenses and avoid cell aging.

  2. It makes heart health better by reducing cholesterol levels and even preventing atherosclerosis. It contains a hypotensive and vasodilatory effect too that is really good for people suffering from high blood pressure.

  3. Yerba mate contains a natural energising and refreshing effect. It strengthens concentration due to its proportion of caffeine - called “mateína”, as well. This element also stimulates the nervous system; therefore, drinking mate is great before physical or intellectual activity. Because of this, mate is suggested for sportspeople as an alternative to commercial energy drinks.

  4. A further excellent advantage for sportspeople: the recovery rate after working out increases significantly when drinking yerba mate, so it is also advised as a post-exercise infusion.

  5. Mate does not have fat in it, is low in calories and sodium. It could be easily added to the routine of anybody that is trying to watch their weight or just follow a healthy diet.

  6. The human body requires 13 vitamins, eight of which are in group B. Good news: yerba mate is rich in these elements which are key for men. It also has really important minerals like potassium and magnesium.

  7. This drink has potent bioactive compounds that prevent illnesses. For instance, it lowers glucose and lipids, helping control type 2 diabetes mellitus.

  8. Mate has a diuretic effect as well, since it prevents water retention and enhances kidney function.

  9. It exerts an influence on digestive health as it stimulates the production of bile and gastric acids. The virtues of yerba mate may relieve constipation.

  10. Lastly, drinking yerba mate has a positive effect on emotional health. The energy intake works as a natural antidepressant, and also since this infusion is usually shared with our loved ones, it encourages moments of happiness and well-being.

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