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Yerba Mate and Training

Yerba is an excellent source of nutritional and physical properties for our body. Not only does it help with energy, focus and weight loss; Mate is also a great ally throughout physical training.

Hacer deporte y tomar yerba mate taragui

Before training

Infusions with Yerba boost energy levels in a subtler manner than other caffeinated drinks such as coffee. Many people drink Mate as their pre-training beverage, as it is much more natural than commercial sports supplements. Besides, Mate also allows us to integrate sport into our daily life and so various everyday activities in a single day: working, studying, running, and so on.

Efecto energizante de la yerba mate taragui

During training

Mate makes our metabolism process carbs in a more efficient way, meaning we have more and improved energy to use. In turn, this considerably increases stamina – our ability to train longer before fatigue sets in. Moreover, this drink aids in the prevention of lactic acid buildup, which normally causes a burning sensation in the muscles and discourages us from continuing working out.

There are more benefits which make Mate a natural choice for exercising: the great level of antioxidant content, its power to lower stress, as well as its benefits on cardiovascular wellness allow us to be in better shape. This in turn contributes to higher performance when doing any activity.

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Yerba Mate after training

Research published by the British Journal of Nutrition shows that Mate has a great effect on post-training recovery. According to this publication, the recovery rate after strength training increases by 8.6% up to 24 hours after working out. Yerba Mate has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory virtues which are the perfect fit for an injured muscle.

The benefits of Yerba for training are only a few of the endless advantages that make this ancient, traditional South American drink so appealing and cherished

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