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Welcome to the Natural Energy section of the Taragüi blog! Discover the transformative power of yerba mate, a natural and revitalising infusion. Join us on this journey full of exciting stories and surprising benefits. We start with Wu Lei, the Chinese striker who shares with Messi his favourite drink: yerba mate. Learn how this tradition has captivated the world's best footballers and inspired their performance on the pitch. Did you know that your choice of mate can reveal aspects of your personality? In our article 'Choosing mate according to your personality´, you will find out how to find the perfect match to suit your tastes and preferences. You will find in our article 'Yerba mate vs. commercial energy drinks´ a comparison between yerba mate and commercial energy drinks. We will highlight the natural and sustainable benefits of yerba mate, in contrast to commercial options. Learn the story of Antoine Griezmann, the French striker who can't live without his field companion: yerba mate. Find out how this infusion has been a fundamental part of his routine and has contributed to his sporting success. In 'What to eat having mate´ we will explore delicious culinary combinations that enhance the mate experience. From exquisite desserts to traditional dishes, we will give you inspiration to accompany your mate with unique flavours. Mate is more than just a drink. It is a tradition rooted in South American culture and a symbol of hospitality. In our article 'Mate: one of the best drinks´, you will discover why this infusion is so special and appreciated all over the world. Yerba mate has been recognised as a potential superfood. In 'Why yerba mate could be a superfood´ we will explore its nutritional properties and how it can contribute to your overall health and well-being. In the field of sports, yerba mate has gained recognition for improving physical and mental performance. In 'Yerba Mate and sport´, you will discover how this infusion can be the perfect ally for athletes and sports enthusiasts. In 'Mate, the secret of footballers' success?´ we will reveal why so many renowned footballers have adopted mate as a fundamental part of their routine and how it has influenced their performance on the pitch. If you haven't tried mate yet, we invite you to do so. In our article 'Mate is the one and only and everyone should try it´, you will discover why this unique infusion deserves a place in your daily life, providing you with moments of relaxation and well-being. Finally, in our article 'What is mate´, we will introduce you to its history, preparation and distinctive characteristics. You will discover why this drink has become so popular and how you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Dive into the exciting world of yerba mate with our 'Natural Energy´ section.