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Welcome to the 'How to´ section of the Taragüi blog! Here you will find answers and tips about the world of mate, from choosing the right accessories to preparing delicious recipes. Find out everything you need to know to enjoy your mate experience to the fullest. In 'How to choose the perfect mate cup´ we will guide you in the selection of the ideal container to enjoy this infusion. Learn about the different types available and find the one that suits your taste. Refresh your days with 'Recipe to prepare a good tereré (cold mate)´. Learn how to prepare this refreshing variant of mate and discover delicious combinations of ingredients to enjoy it on hot days. Choosing the right bombilla is essential. In 'How to choose a bombilla for your mate´ we will show you the different types and how to select the right one for your mate experience. In 'Recipe to prepare a traditional Argentinian mate´ we will show you how to prepare a classic mate step by step. Discover the secrets to an authentic and pleasurable taste. What is tereré? Discover in our article dedicated to this refreshing variant how to prepare it and enjoy it to the fullest. Immerse yourself in an international experience with 'Having a mate in St. Petersburg´. Learn how mate has arrived in Russia and experience this tradition in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Sweet lovers will enjoy 'Recipe to prepare a sweet mate´. Learn how to sweeten your mate in a delicious and smooth way. Take proper care of your mate with 'How to cure and clean your mate´. We will provide you with tips and techniques to keep it in optimal condition. If you are in Moscow, in 'TOP 3: The best places in Moscow to have a mate´ you will discover the top places where you can enjoy this South American infusion. Learn how to brew a good mate with 'How to brew a good mate´. Discover techniques and tips for an exceptional taste and experience. Find the perfect matero kit in our article 'What does the perfect matero kit look like´. We will guide you in choosing the essential accessories to enjoy your mate to the fullest. In 'How do you know if the yerba mate is of good quality?´ we will show you the key aspects to identify an excellent quality yerba mate and guarantee a unique experience. Find out all about the world of mate in our 'How to´ section and enjoy the best mate experience. Join us in this adventure full of flavour and knowledge!