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Mate and weight loss

Losing weight with Yerba Mate

Several studies prove, among other benefits, that Yerba Mate is a key ally in reaching and keeping a healthy weight.

Yerba has exceptional nutritional benefits for our body, this is why it keeps gaining popularity all around the world, especially among the ones interested in leading a healthy life. Among its several benefits, which include a great quantity of antioxidants and the fact that it may help prevent diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s, Yerba Mate promotes a healthy body weight, too.

Actually, a study conducted on individuals with obesity demonstrated that people who consume just 3 grams of Yerba Mate a day lost 0.7 kg of body weight, and 2% of abdominal fat, on average, in 12 weeks. There was a marked difference in comparison with the placebo group.

How Yerba Mate can help you achieve a healthy weight

Even though yerba mate is neither a weight loss product nor a substitute for meals, incorporating Yerba Mate to your diet can enhance your metabolism while helping your body functions. This way, it may become an effective nutritional supplement to prevent overweight and the health problems this may entail.

These are just few of the ways in which Yerba can help you keep a healthy weight:

Yerba is fat free and very low in calories, so it is perfect for anybody who is watching their weight.

Apart from being fat-free, Yerba has been proved to contribute in the process of fat burning, as well as in the use of cholesterol and lipid reserves, owing to its cardio-protecting saponins. Moreover, the caffeine in Yerba enhances your metabolism, increases energy expenditure and, as a result, calorie burn.

  • Yerba helps to get rid of toxins. As it is very low in sodium, it does not lead to fluid retention and, what is more, it has totally natural diuretic and purifying properties which make kidney functioning and urine elimination better. However, you should still have at least 2 litres of water a day so as to keep hydrated. Additionally, Yerba is digestive and fosters bowel movement.
  • Yerba produces a really good energising effect when it comes to sports and training routines, which are usually part of a weight loss programme. It lowers fatigue after physical activity, letting you exercise for longer. Read more on Yerba and sports.
  • Satiety is maybe one of the most straightforward effects of Yerba on weight loss, as it makes you feel full for longer, while reducing appetite.
  • Furthermore, Yerba may also have a soothing, relaxing effect. Drinking it regularly helps to avoid stress eating and snacking, which frequently makes people eat more than necessary.

Yerba Mate is good for health

The several health benefits of drinking Yerba Mate

In general terms, the Yerba Mate infusion can be a perfect nutritional supplement due to its high amount of essential minerals and vitamins. These improve the immune system overall, detoxify the body and prevent several illnesses.

Yerba Mate is also a strong antioxidant. Apart from restoring the body’s cellular balance, the polyphenols that Yerba Mate has can counteract the harmful effect of free radicals, which speed up cell deterioration, aging, as well as the development of chronic illnesses. Actually, the benefits of Yerba have been demonstrated several times, proving effectiveness in controlling type 2 diabetes – as it helps control blood sugar – and Parkinson’s disease – thanks to the neuroprotective virtues – and other conditions like arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, colon cancer.

Apart from being a perfect natural stimulant, Yerba has a soothing side effect. It does not impact the quality of sleep when drunk moderately. Actually, it may be regarded as a natural antidepressant, as it fosters moments of wellness, above all when shared with friends and family. Read more in our ultimate guide to the health benefits of yerba mate.

Pouring a good Mate

To keep in mind

It is key to remember that even though Yerba Mate can lower your appetite, it should not be seen as a meal substitute. We suggest combining it with a tasty breakfast or snack (check out our recipes to accompany Yerba Mate). Moreover, it should not be regarded as a substitute for your intake of water, which should be of at least 2 litres per day.

The health benefits of Yerba Mate are undeniable, and its regular consumption is truly advisable, though only as a complement to a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and regular exercise. And, obviously, we suggest consulting a doctor if you have any doubts.

How to lose weight in a healthy way

More than a restrictive diet for the short run, health experts recommend a healthy lifestyle which can be kept in the long run, and that is exactly where Yerba is best incorporated. Some tips on losing weight:

  • Create a varied, balanced menu which includes all food groups.
  • Include foods rich in fiber.
  • Prioritise fruits and vegetables.
  • Control salt and sugar intake.
  • Keep yourself hydrated (at least 2 litres of water a day, which do not include your Mate Tea).
  • Do sports, exercise or other physical activity on a daily basis.
  • Include activities which encourage social interaction, and personal and professional goals like studying, working and spending time with friends. All of these go very well with Yerba Mate!

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