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Explore this section to discover more details about its evolution over the years and how it continues to be a reference in the world of Argentine mate. Dive into the fascinating history of Taragüi and discover the origin and trajectory of yerba mate through a variety of articles and resources: Ilex Paraguariensis: All about the yerba mate plant. Learn everything you need to know about the yerba mate plant, scientifically known as Ilex paraguariensis. Discover its characteristics, cultivation and associated benefits. Mate, beyond Argentina. Explore the presence and popularity of mate beyond the borders of Argentina, discovering how this traditional infusion has spread globally and conquered people from different cultures. The consumption of mate in Argentina. Immerse yourself in Argentina's rich mate culture and discover how this infusion has played a fundamental role in the daily lives of Argentines throughout history. Top 5: The best places to have mate in Barcelona. Discover the top places in Barcelona where you can enjoy an authentic mate experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant mate culture in this cosmopolitan city. The Yerba Mate Route. Embark on a journey along the Yerba Mate Route, exploring the fascinating landscapes and traditions related to the production and consumption of yerba mate in its region of origin. Yerba Mate production. Learn about the entire yerba mate production process, from the cultivation of the plants to the selection, drying and grinding of the leaves, revealing the key steps that guarantee the quality of the final product. Where does yerba mate come from - is it Argentinian, Uruguayan, Paraguayan or Brazilian? Discover the origin and provenance of yerba mate, exploring its connection to different South American countries and clarifying the myths and realities about its origin. Las Marías: Sustainability and avant-garde behind a quality mate. Discover the story of Las Marías, a leading producer of quality yerba mate, combining tradition with innovation and sustainability in its production process. Explore these articles and resources to learn more about Taragüi's trajectory and legacy in the world of yerba mate