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In Taragüi Global's Health section, you will find a variety of articles and resources that highlight the benefits and health properties of yerba mate. Discover how this energizing Argentine beverage can be an ally for your well-being: Taragüi: The first Argentine yerba mate without anthraquinone. Learn how Taragüi stands out as the first Argentine yerba mate that has eliminated anthraquinone from its composition, providing an even healthier drinking experience. Yerba Mate: Nutritional information of this Natural Energizer. Explore the complete nutritional information of yerba mate and discover the key components that make it a popular and beneficial natural energizer for health. Yerba Mate Nutritional Properties. Dive into the nutritional properties of yerba mate, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that contribute to its potential benefits for the body. Health benefits of yerba mate. Discover the many health benefits associated with drinking yerba mate, a traditional Argentine beverage known for its ability to increase energy, improve concentration and more. Yerba Mate vs. Green Tea: Which is healthier? Compare the benefits and properties of yerba mate and green tea, and find out why yerba mate stands out as a healthy and revitalizing choice. Mate consumption during pregnancy. Learn about drinking mate during pregnancy and how to balance the potential benefits with the necessary precautions for a safe experience. Yerba Mate and the prevention of Parkinson's disease. Explore research suggesting a possible connection between yerba mate consumption and reduced risk of developing Parkinson's disease. Slimming down with Yerba Mate. Discover how yerba mate can help you in your weight loss goal, thanks to its stimulant, thermogenic properties and its ability to increase metabolism. Our mission is to provide information based on scientific evidence to help you make informed decisions about your well-being.