Maté cup

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Maté cup

Maté cup

The cup that is used to drink mate is essential to get the authentic experience. Our glass maté cup preserves the taste and the original properties of the yerba maté, as well as being easy to wash.


Glass interior: A neutral material that does not absorb scents or tastes. It is easy to wash and allows you to enjoy the real taste of the yerba without interference.

Traditional shape: Based on the structure of a natural butternut squash with a small base and wide mouth, which enhances the taste the yerba.

Wide mouth: Allows for the perfect leaf to water combination and balance so that the mate is not drowned. The container can also be washed easily.

Leather exterior: This works as thermic insulation to maintain the temperature of the mate as well as being nice to the touch.

*Origin; Argentina *Code: 51020