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Taragüi Light

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Taragüi Light

Taragüi Light

A yerba mate that is soft and light on the palate. Carefully selected from the plantations from the northeast “Corretino” prairies and the centre mountain areas of Misiones. Ideal to combine with salty food such as cheese. The softness is determined by their area of origin and production method.

It has a light and likable blend, which makes a versatile yerba mate.

Mates más livianos, gracias a sus hojas especialmente seleccionadas de la cosecha más suave de post verano e invierno. Mantiene un perfecto equilibrio a lo largo de las cebadas.


  • Yerba Mate Light
  • Low Powder Contend
  • Weight: 500 g
  • SKU: 1352