Regular blend

Taragui Regular blend

  • Favorite yerba among the Argentines.
  • Chosen by 60% of the Argentines.
  • Ideal to prepare “mate”, following the steps of the Argentine ritual.
  • Impeccable and fine blend, due to the harmony between its body, aroma and maturity
  • Paradigm yerba mate, which best represents the Argentine customs.
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Taragui Light

  • Soft yerba mate with light mouthfeel.
  • Carefully selected from the plantations in the northeast of the province of Corrientes and in the forest areas in the center of Misiones.
  • Ideal to be married with salty foods such as cheese.
  • Softness determined by its area of origin and production method.
  • Its light blend makes it a versatile yerba mate.

Low dust content

Taragui Low dust content

  • It produces crystalline infusions, thanks to its low dust concentration.
  • Highly persistent flavor due to its composition.
  • When preparing it as an infusion, a nice clear color can be perceived.
  • High-performance yerba.

Pure leaf

Taragui Pure leaf

  • 100 % produced with thin and thick leaves.
  • Intense dark olive green, due to the brushing of the leaves.
  • Ideal for French press-style infusions.
  • Its high proportion of leaves makes it the ideal option to be consumed in areas with hard waters.
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