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Is Mate Tea the secret weapon of successful soccer players?

Many studies have shown that yerba mate has a lot of healthy properties, thanks to its concentration of antioxidants and nutrients.

Maybe that’s why in countries like Uruguay and Argentina, the ancient tradition of drinking mate is almost as rooted as playing football –  an activity that, by the way, seems to go very well with yerba mate: South American football players – including World-Cup winners – have learned to appreciate the benefits of a warm mate before training and competing.


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A good mate can change the score

Mate has become the best ally for great football players before and after a match.  In addition to an essential ritual, a talisman and an energy reinforcement; they value its countless properties and benefits:

  • Mate is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system and it increases energy and brain activity in a natural way.
  • Drinking mate helps the body to take better advantage of carbohydrates, which increases physical resistance.
  • Mate reduces muscle fatigue by preventing the excessive production of lactic acid, generated as a result of the intense physical activity in high-performance sports.
  • Besides providing energy, the caffeine in mate also improves psychomotor function and prevents cell degeneration.
  • Yerba mate has anti-inflammatory effects that favor muscle recovery and rehabilitation after physical exercise.
  • It also promotes cardiovascular health, which translates into a better physical condition and higher performance on the football pitch.
  • Whether it is cold or hot; sweetened or bitter; simple or combined with other flavors… Mate is natural and still a much healthier alternative than the energy drinks available in the market.

Which players drink more mate?


Football players from Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay drink mate regularly and many of them even brag about this in Social Media.  But who drinks more? The acclaimed Argentinian Leo Messi, the Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez, or even the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann who drinks mate every morning and before each training? It is difficult to know. It is true that Uruguayan footballers carry with them twice as many thermoses and mate containers as Argentines; although both of them enjoy having mate to release the tensions and challenges related to such a demanding sport.

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