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How to drink Mate during summer

Although it is traditionally a hot drink, Mate also has a cooler and refreshing version for the summer called “Tereré”. It is a healthier and cheaper alternative to other drinks available in the market.

What is Tereré?

Tereré is a beverage that combines yerba Mate, ice and water; and it’s usually consumed during warm months in countries like Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Natural flavors and herbs such as mint, cedrón, grapefruit and lemon are usually added to the yerba … Many Tereré drinkers also add flavor with powder juice, as a practical and quick solution to enjoy this drink.

Tomar terere de Yerba Mate Taragui

A survey by Taragüi revealed some very interesting data on the consumption of Mate during the summer:

  • 40% of Argentines drink Tereré and 3 out of 10 admit that they’re drinking more and more.
  • The beverage is becoming increasingly popular among young people: half of Argentines between 18 and 34 drink Tereré during the summer.
  • According to the study, orange juice powder is the most popular flavoring for Tereré, followed by cold water and flavored water.

Tomar yerba mate taragui Terere fresco

How to prepare a good Tereré for the summer?

To prepare a good orange flavored Tereré you can use the same container as the one we use for the traditional mate, although any glass will work. Put yerba in the container and shake it a bit so that the dust doesn’t get stuck at the bottom. At the same time, you must prepare the powder juice with cold water and a lot of ice in a large thermos or jar.

First, fill the Mate container or the glass with juice. Be generous the first time you pour the yerba: it has to be completely covered with liquid and you should let it sit for a few minutes. Then we insert the “bombilla” (bulb) and add a couple of ice cubes. All done! Enjoy!

El terere es la bebida fresca de yerba mate taragui

The benefits of Tereré

High temperatures may require extra hydration, which is ideally provided by Tereré. Tereré also has the well-known benefits of Yerba Mate: a light, antioxidant, purifying and energizing beverage, excellent for preventing diseases and improving general body condition. It is the perfect refreshing drink, for any age and on any occasion.

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