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Yerba Mate and weight loss

Yerba mate has excellent nutritional qualities and physical benefits on the human body, including the possibility of losing weight when it’s consumed regularly.

The effects of Yerba Mate on the human body

The excellent properties of yerba mate are well known, including its stimulating effect that increases energy and the fact that it helps digestion. It also has 90% more antioxidants than green tea, which reduce the signs of aging, detoxify the body and prevent disease.

Many studies, such as the research conducted by biochemist Rafael Perez Elizalde from the Juan Agustin Maza University, assure that mate can significantly reduce cholesterol and aid in weight loss. Also from Brazil, after running some tests in the lab in the Itajai Valley University, researchers claim that you can lose weight by drinking mate.

How can you lose weight with yerba mate?

There are several reasons why yerba mate is associated with weight loss. First, it is a diuretic and purifying beverage, so it prevents water retention. Also, like all caffeinated beverages, mate boosts the metabolism and makes it use more energy (helping the fat burning process).

Perhaps the most direct effect of yerba mate on weight loss is the feeling of fullness, which makes you feel satisfied and without appetite for longer. Another effect of mate is that it prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and reduces fatigue, allowing you to train and do sport for longer.

Some also say that mate has a calming and relaxing effect, eliminating emotional eating and preventing you from eating more than you need.


When consumed in excess, mate can also have side effects on the liver and blood pressure, so it is advisable to maintain a moderate consumption. It is also important to remember that although mate can reduce appetite, it should not be a replacement for food, and if you want to lose weight with yerba mate, experts recommend a healthy diet and a regular physical activity.

Either way, the healthy benefits of yerba mate are undeniable and its regular consumption is highly recommended, even if not part of a weight loss regimen.

It is always recommended to consult the doctor if you have any questions.