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Yerba Mate and weight loss

Multiple studies confirm that yerba mate is an important ally in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight; among its many other health benefits.

Losing weight with Yerba Mate

Yerba mate has excellent nutritional properties and benefits for the human body; this is why it is gaining more and more popularity worldwide, especially among those seeking a healthy lifestyle. And among its many benefits, including a very high amount of antioxidants and the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s; Yerba Mate also promotes a healthy body weight

In fact, a study conducted on subjects with obesity, showed that those who consumed only 3 grams of yerba mate per day lost an average of 0.7 kg of body weight and 2% of abdominal fat in a period of 12 weeks, with a statistically significant difference compared to the placebo group.

How Yerba Mate can help you achieve a healthy weight

Although yerba mate is not a weight loss product, nor should it be considered a substitute for meals; including yerba mate in your daily diet can boost your metabolism and help your body functions, becoming an effective nutritional supplement to avoid overweight and the health problems it might cause.

These are just a few ways yerba mate can help you maintain a healthy weight:

  • Yerba mate is very low in calories and fat-free, so it is ideal for anyone who is keeping an eye on their weight.
  • Besides being fat-free, yerba mate has been shown to contribute directly to the process of burning fat and using cholesterol and lipid reserves in the best possible way, thanks to its cardio-protective saponins. Also, the caffeine in yerba mate boosts your metabolism, increases energy expenditure and therefore, calorie burn.
  • Yerba mate helps in the elimination of toxins. It does not cause fluid retention thanks to its minimum sodium content, and more importantly, it has completely natural diuretic and purifying properties that improve kidney performance and urine elimination (you should still keep your body hydrated with a minimum of 2 liters of water per day). In addition, yerba mate is digestive and promotes bowel movement.
  • Yerba Mate produces a very interesting energizing effect when it comes to sports and workout routines, which are often part of a weight loss plan. It reduces fatigue after physical activities, allowing you to exercise for longer. Read more about Yerba Mate and Sports.
  • Satiety is perhaps one of the most direct effects of yerba mate on weight loss. Mate makes you feel full for longer and reduces appetite.
  • At the same time, yerba mate can also have a calming and relaxing effect. Its regular consumption helps to avoid stress eating and snacking, which often makes people eat more than they need to. 

Yerba Mate is good for health

The many health benefits of drinking yerba mate

Generally speaking, yerba mate tea can be an excellent nutritional supplement thanks to its high content of essential minerals and vitamins, which improve the immune system in general, detoxify the body and prevent many diseases. 

Yerba mate is also a powerful antioxidant. In addition to restoring the body’s cellular balance, the polyphenols contained in yerba mate are able to counteract the harmful effect of free radicals, which accelerate cellular deterioration, aging, and the development of chronic diseases. In fact, the virtues of yerba mate have been proven many times, showing effectiveness in the control of Diabetes Mellitus type II (since it helps control blood sugar) and Parkinson’s disease (thanks to its neuroprotective properties), among other diseases such as arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and colon cancer. 

Besides being an excellent natural stimulant, yerba mate also has a secondary relaxing effect. It does not affect the quality of sleep and rest when consumed in moderation. In fact, it can be considered a natural antidepressant since it fosters moments of well-being, especially when shared with friends and family. Read more in our complete guide to the health benefits of yerba mate.

Pouring a good Mate

To keep in mind

It is important to remember that although yerba mate can reduce appetite, it should not be considered a substitute for meals. We recommend combining it with a delicious breakfast or a snack (check out these recipes for accompanying yerba mate). Also, it should not be considered a substitute for your daily water intake, which should include at least 2 liters of water per day. 

The health benefits of yerba mate are indisputable and its regular consumption is highly recommended, but only as a complement to a healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet and regular physical activity. And of course, we recommend consulting a medical doctor if you have any questions.

How to lose weight in a healthy way

More than a short-term restrictive diet; health professionals suggest a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained in the long term, and that is precisely where yerba mate is best incorporated. A few tips on weight loss:

  • Design a varied and balanced menu, including all food groups
  • Include fiber-rich foods
  • Prioritize fruits and vegetables
  • Control salt and sugar intake 
  • Stay hydrated (two liters of water per day minimum, not including your Mate Tea)
  • Practice sports, exercise or other physical activity regularly 
  • Include activities that encourage social interactions as well as personal and professional goals; such as studying, working and hanging out with friends, all of which are ideal for accompanying Yerba Mate!
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