Yerba Mate Taragüi - Taragüi is the first Argentinean yerba mate without anthraquinone
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Taragüi is the first Argentinean yerba mate without anthraquinone

The rigorous production process used by Taragüi, as well as its commitment to meet the
highest quality standards during the production of Yerba Mate, allows it to guarantee food
safety and the production of an Anthraquinone Free product. This has been the verdict after
the prestigious Eurofins laboratory, from Germany, found no presence of agrochemicals in
Las Marías yerba mate.

What is anthraquinone?

Anthraquinone is a substance that is often used for pesticide purposes, although in the case of yerba mate, it can be formed naturally during the drying process or by the oxidation of the anthracene present in yerba mate.

Compliant with European quality standards

In Europe, where yerba mate consumption is on the rise, there are high food safety standards and limits set by the European Economic Community on the use of pesticides and hazardous substances. Imported food products are subjected to rigorous sanitary tests.

Taragui products meet all the conditions set by the European Economic Community and are mainly marketed in health food stores and organic markets in Europe. Las Marías plantations use biological products instead of pesticides and agrochemicals, and through specialized technology, air is exchanged during the drying process and low humidity wood is used for a cleaner and healthier yerba mate.

Global yerba mate leading company

Both for Argentina and Europe, Las Marías has developed state-of-the-art technology to process tons of yerba mate with rigorous sustainability and food safety criteria, achieving HACCP, GMP, FSC and RAS certifications.

Today, it is the world’s largest producer of the so-called “drink of the gods”, through its brands Taragüi, Unión, La Merced and Mañanita. With this certification, it becomes the first Argentine yerba mate brand to satisfactorily comply with all the requirements established by the European Economic Community and to officially be Anthraquinone-free. 

Present in more than 40 locations around the world, Las Marías yerba mate is produced locally with meticulous selection processes, where all stages are monitored by experts.

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