The perfect “bombilla” for the perfect mate

The "bombilla" or straw is essential to enjoy a good mate tea.  This metallic piece, in the form of a thin tube, allows us to drink the yerba mate infusion and is thus a key element in the ritual of mate tea. 1.Knowing the bombilla This special drinking straw, which exists exclusively for the purpose

Highest award for Agricultural Excellence in 2017

Each year, the Galicia Bank and the Argentinian newspaper LA NACIÓN deliver the "Agricultural Excellence Awards" in 15 categories to the best names in the industry. Establecimiento Las Marías (the company that created Taragüi) has won in 2017 not only the prize for the Best Agri-Food Company, but also the Highest Award of the night:

Production of yerba mate

In Establecimiento Las Marias, the good quality of the yerba mate is guaranteed at all stages of its production, from extraction to consumption. Stage 1: The nursery After selecting the best specimens to ensure quality, millions of young plants are grown in the nursery. Stage 2: Plantations After six months, these young plants are taken

Cleaning your mate

There is a proper way to prepare and drink mate, but it is also important to know the process of cleaning and maintenance. Step 1: Curing the mate If your mate is made of pumpkin, it is very important to cure it before use. To cure the mate, add some yerba with warm water and

What is mate?

Mate is an infusion made with yerba mate, very popular in South American countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. What do you use to prepare mate? This beverage is prepared with yerba mate, a native tree from the jungles around the Parana river, the Uruguay River and the Paraguay River. This plant with

What is the origin of mate?

Mate is a beverage from South America, very popular in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. To understand its present importance, it is necessary to know its history. The Guaraní and their yerba Mate consumption dates back to the Guarani people (natives of some South American countries), as confirmed by the investigations of essayist and

The Super Power of Guarani Indians

A traditional Guarani Indian tale tells the story of the origins of the Guarani in the forests of southern Paraguay.

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