Taragüi Yerba Mate Tea Bags

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Taragüi Yerba Mate Tea Bags

Taragüi Yerba Mate Tea Bags


Mate in tea bags is a different and practical way to enjoy yerba mate; which is originally prepared using loose mate leaves.

In 1965, Establecimiento Las Marías made yerba mate preparation easier by creating yerba mate in tea bags. The manufacturing process is exactly the same as traditional yerba; the only difference is at the mill, where yerba mate leaves are treated and classified to eliminate chips, fiber and dust. This special selection process results in clear, high-quality mate tea bags.


Source of Vitamins: It contains vitamin B, which helps the body take full advantage of the energy contained in food. Vitamin B also contributes to the muscular system and helps in having healthier skin and hair.

Source of Minerals: It contains potassium, an essential mineral for the proper functioning of the heart, as well as magnesium, which helps absorb proteins and to have a strong and healthy body.

Energizing Effect: Thanks to the xanthines it contains, the infusion made with yerba mate is a natural source of energy that stimulates the intellectual and physical performance, ideal for people who practice sports or demanding physical and mental activities.

It stops cellular aging: Due to its high concentration of polyphenols, it is a powerful antioxidant that stops aging by reducing the oxidation of cells.

Anti Carcinogen: Thanks to its antioxidant effect, it also prevents the growth of cancer cells by reducing mutations and genotoxicity, which can transform cells and cause tumors.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases: Mate helps prevent coronary disorders.

It inhibits the absorption of cholesterol: it helps to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Effective antibacterial action: it prevents tooth decay and halitosis by inhibiting the growth of bacterial plaque.

It helps reduce fat: It reduces the absorption of cholesterol and the reabsorption of bile acids. It also stimulates thermogenesis.

It inhibits blood pressure: The polyphenols block the enzyme that transforms angiotensin I to angiotensin II, responsible for the increase in blood pressure.

Instant mate ... with milk

Fuel for the body: One cup provides 4 times more energy than soda.

Source of Protein: One cup provides 8 times more protein than a glass of soda, the same amount of protein as a cup of hot chocolate and 8 times more protein than a cup of coffee.

Source of Calcium: One cup provides 300 times more calcium than soda, the same calcium as a cup of chocolate and 60 times more calcium than coffee.

Source of Phosphorus: One cup provides 230 times more phosphorus than soda and 46 times more than a cup of coffee.

Source of Magnesium: A cup has 80 times more magnesium than a glass of coca-cola.


The importance of the water

As with all beverages, the flavor, aroma and color of a good boiled mate will depend on the quality of the water used in the preparation. The water has to be pure and fresh from the tap. The water may vary greatly in every region. If it is too chlorinated, then we can use filtered water; but we should never use mineral water since it contains sodium, potassium, and other mineral salts that may harden the yerba and affect the quality of the infusion. The water must be freshly boiled, otherwise the dissolved oxygen is eliminated, affecting the quality and all the natural benefits that yerba mate offers.

How to prepare boiled mate in tea bags

Bring fresh water to a boil and then pour directly over the mate tea bag, allowing it to settle for five minutes. Then add milk and sugar to taste.

Cold mate tea

This is a delicious and refreshing drink, especially its flavored versions: "Tangerine & Orange", and "Strawberry & Vanilla". You just have to prepare boiled mate the traditional way, although we advise to let it settle a bit longer so that the infusion is stronger. This way it will keep its flavour when you add a lot of ice. Add sugar to taste.