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Yerba Mate: Your Best Friend during Quarantine

Current lifestyle has changed drastically after preventive measures due to  COVID-19, like a lockdown and quarantine, have been adopted round the globe. Our everyday life has been restricted to the perimeter of our own home – even activities such as entertainment, education and home office, since some are still working from home. Amidst these extraordinary circumstances, Yerba Mate (drunk individually) could be your perfect ally.

Tomar yerba mate Taragui durante la pandemia

The Power of the Jungle

Yerba Mate brings the energy needed for your daily life. The caffeine content of the Yerba acts in the mind and body more slowly than other stimulating beverages like coffee or tea, whose energising effect is short- lived and might be excessive, even causing nervousness and tachycardia. Moreover, thanks to the unique preparation and drinking (sip by sip) of yerba mate, this energising effect is well dosed and remains longer. This is perfect for cheering up a whole morning or afternoon at home during the quarantine.

As Taragüi always states: Mate has an energising power. Mate is a 100% natural infusion which contains no sugar or chemicals, and derives straight from yerba mate trees. Yerba is a lot healthier than industrial energy drinks, since its energy comes from the actual nature not from artificial processes.

La yerba mate taragui y la cuarentena

Benefits of drinking Mate in quarantine

Yerba Mate is full of health properties needed to keep your well-being during the quarantine and also afterwards, as you will need to be absolutely ready to face the outside world anew. What are the virtues of drinking mate?

  • It brings great amounts of antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals and over ten kinds of amino acids.
  • It is the ideal company throughout the quarantine, since you can drink it all day long.
  • It represents a natural antidepressant and has a positive effect on our brain.
  • It enhances the body’s natural defenses. 
  • It furthers cardiovascular health.
  • It stimulates the central nervous system while doing physical or intellectual activity.
  • It aids the body in removing toxins and purifying itself in a natural way.
  • It’s a great digestive.

“He who drinks Yerba Mate, is never alone”

In Argentina, half of the mate consumers have it individually, at least once per day. In times of isolation and social distancing, yerba can turn into the ideal friend that cheers us up and keeps us feeling accompanied throughout the day – especially if you need to study, work or do tasks which require dedication and concentration (yerba helps us concentrate and focus).

Cebar yerba mate taragui en epoca de covid

How to prepare the perfect Mate Tea?  

  1. To make a perfect mate tea and get a foamy, long-lasting, tasty drink, you firstly need a proper Mate Kit that includes: an appropriate mate gourd (a hollow cup with a small base and wide mouth), a “bombilla” or unique straw for sipping mate, and good quality Yerba Mate to make sure the taste, texture and scent are perfect (you ought to always check the source and origin – for instance, Taragüi Yerba is packaged in its place of origin).
  2. Fill ¾ parts of the mate container with Yerba, cover it with your hand and shake it softly to mix it in an even way.
  3. Make sure the yerba is leaning to one part of the gourd, then pour a bit of warm water at the bottom.
  4. Place the bombilla on that same part, then fix it there by pressing it against the inside wall.
  5. Lastly, slowly pour water at 75 ° C, on the same side of the bombilla.

Yerba Mate in quarantine

Having Yerba Mate is an ancient custom, very much rooted in countries such as Uruguay and Argentina, along with football and barbecues. Even though in South America Mate is habitually shared with others (using the same mate container and bombilla), right now we need to reinvent the manner in which we have it. You can still have Yerba Mate with your family or flatmates, but every person must have their own gourd and bombilla. You can of course share the warm water! And if you find yourself missing the mate ‘ceremony’, you may even share “unos matecitos” online on a group video call, and socialise in a virtual way. Your health matters the most!

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