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Highest award for Agricultural Excellence in 2017

Every year, the Galicia Bank and the Argentine newspaper LA NACIÓN give the “Agricultural Excellence Awards” in 15 categories to the top companies in the industry. In 2017, Establecimiento Las Marías (enterprise created by Taragüi) won not only the prize for Best Agrifood Company, but also the best award of the gala: the Golden Prize.

A recognition for their contribution to society

With this award, Las Marías is not just recognised for its great background as the biggest yerba mate company world-wide (diversified to several other activities) but also for its immense social contribution. Nowadays, the business employs 1,200 people and 850 contractor workers, whilst 90 families live in its premises. They have also created the Victoria School where 400 pupils attend and the Víctor Navajas Centeno agro-tech Institute with 1,000 graduates.

Establecimiento Las Marías is in the province of Corrientes, and just in 2016 alone its production was 55,962 tons of yerba, 2,200 of tea, 66,773 of roundwood. With over 80 years in the market, some of its most renowned brands are Taragüi, Unión and La Merced.

An outstanding performance

Las Marías stood out among 260 producers, companies and research institutions. Actually, in 2017 there were 25% more candidates than in the past. This award honours people and businesses that seek to innovate, use technology and boost production, while at the same time looking after the environment and generating positive social effects.

This award represents the excellence in the agricultural field, and it means a lot to the ones who receive it, as well as to those who grant it. “When we imagined this prize, it was obvious we wanted to create a remarkable and extraordinary event which would connect the land with education and innovation”, explained Norberto Frigerio, head of Institutional Relations at LA NACIÓN.

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