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Yerba Mate: One of the best drinks in the world

Remarkable for its endless advantages and its distinct preparation, yerba was accepted as one of the  50 most delicious beverages in the World by the acclaimed magazine CNN Travel, after having studied drinks from many regions and having chosen “the best and more refreshing liquids”.

La yerba mate taragui una de las bebidas mas ricas del mundo

A “surprising and pleasing” discovery

Mate ranks #35 and is described as one of the world’s “most surprising and pleasing discoveries”. And even though the author does not specify the reasons, we can agree that mate’s incredible health benefits, as well as its energizing and comforting effect, can be, in fact, very surprising and delightful.

Though mate’s increasing popularity around the globe is quite recent, this traditional custom is in fact part of daily life for the native people of South America. CNN describes it well: “The caffeinated beverage is so much a part of the South American setting — renowned in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, parts of Brazil– that drinking it there immediately turns you into a debonair local”.

CNN Travel emphasises that mate is “produced by soaking the leaves of the South American forest holly tree in warm water”. Also, that it is “served in a gourd with a silver straw”. Having mate represents a social ritual which makes it a cultural symbol.

Tomar yerba mate taragui en el sol

Better than Beer and Piña Colada?

In its top 50, CNN Travel placed Mate above one of the most famous beers in the globe (47th place), the world’s best seller energy drink (49th), piña colada (46th) and whiskey (39th). Water is number one on the list.

cebar yerba mate taragui cuando hace frio
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