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5 undisputed advantages of mate over coffee

Ventajas de la Yerba Mate

Both mate and coffee are caffeinated beverages, and they are on the list of the most consumed drinks worldwide. Anyway, in countries such as Argentina, the consumption of mate exceeds that of coffee, as shown by data offered by the National Institute of Yerba Mate.

 Advantages of mate over coffee

1- Even though both drinks have around the same quantity of caffeine, their stimulating effects are slightly different: coffee could be a bit aggressive – even provoking nervousness and tachycardia, sometimes – while yerba mate generates a smoother feeling of “awareness”, mentally and physically.

Beber Yerba Mate Leyendo

2- Moreover, the caffeine in mate is more watered down than in coffee, so it is easier for our body to metabolise it.

3- It is claimed that Mate has a diuretic effect as, when you drink mate tea, you generally have more liquid than when drinking coffee. This is perfect for people trying to lose weight or detox.

4- Yerba has more nutrients and is regarded as a superfood too: it brings antioxidants, vitamins B1, B2, over ten kinds of amino acids, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium. It is so since it stems from a plant, whereas coffee comes from beans.

Tomando Yerba Mate tocando guitarra

5- It is usually stated that mate is a better ”friend” than coffee since it takes more time to finish. But it is not just that it lasts longer: due to the ritual of making and having mate tea, it is ideal for groups of friends, too, and for interacting.

Recommendations when drinking mate:

  • To avoid a burn, it is advisable to have mate tea at a temperature of 65 ° C at the most.