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Top 5: Best places to drink Yerba Mate in Barcelona

Would you like to drink yerba mate with family or friends, while marvelling at the most lovely landscapes of Barcelona? Great news: you can enjoy mate in Barcelona and also find several good places to sit and delight in the virtues of yerba mate in the capital of Catalonia. Below, five recommendations:

Lugares para tomar yerba mate taragui en barcelona

1. Búnkers del Carmel

The remains of this old stronghold, which date back to the Spanish Civil War, lie on the top of Turó de la Rovira in the neighbourhood of Carmel, and nowadays they are the tourists’ favourite viewpoint of the city. They are located in such a great place that they encourage you to participate in a mate round whilst contemplating the magnificent 360º panoramic view in all its splendour.

Beber yerba mate taragui en la ciudad

2. Parc de la Ciutadella

This legendary park was back then a walled fortress, and nowadays it is a  monumental natural landscape full of trees, a vast diversity of birds, grand grey herons, as well as 19th century buildings. Moreover, it is home to the Barcelona Zoo and the Parliament, as well as gardens, trails, sculptures, waterfalls… A perfect atmosphere to take a break and restore your energy with a nice hot mate.

3. Barceloneta beach

If you wish to delight in yerba mate in Barcelona, you can make use of the fact that you are on the coast!  La Barceloneta is the most popular, largest and oldest beach in the city, chosen by locals and tourists alike, thanks to its great location. The beach is perfect for swimming, exercising, enjoying the sun and having a nice mate tea – especially the cold mate version, “tereré”

Cebar un buen mate en barcelona con yerba taragui

4. Park Güell

This is a must-visit in Barcelona. Renowned architect Antonio Gaudí filled this amazing park with modernism, covering it with unique shapes, colourful surfaces and ceramic tiles. In the central plaza of Park Güell you will enjoy the marvellous view of Barcelona while drinking a good, bitter mate tea.

5. Montjüic

The Montjüic Park, located on an impressive hill in Sants neighbourhood, provides an outstanding view of the harbour and the city. This is the largest green area in Barcelona, unique thanks to its diversity: gardens, falls, museums, cultural and sports places and, obviously, several corners to have a mate tea.

The mate culture has travelled beyond South America and gained fans in big cities and even remote regions round the globe. At present, finding yerba mate in Barcelona is simple and practical, letting us enjoy this beneficial infusion in the utmost cosmopolitan city of Spain.

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