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Yerba Mate and weight loss

Losing weight with Yerba Mate

Yerba mate contains great nutritional virtues and physical benefits for the body – among others, the chance of losing weight when it is drunk on a regular basis.

The effects of Yerba Mate on the human body

The great virtues of yerba mate are widely-known; among others, the stimulating effect which boosts energy as well as the fact that it favours digestion. It contains 90% more antioxidants than green tea, too, which lower the aging signs, detoxify the body and avoid illnesses.

Vast research like the study carried out by biochemist Rafael Perez Elizalde, Juan Agustin Maza University, affirms mate can substantially lower cholesterol and help lose weight. Also, after conducting some tests in the lab in the Itajai Valley University, Brazil, researchers have claimed that you can lose weight by having mate.

Yerba Mate is good for health

How can you lose weight with yerba mate?

There exist many reasons why yerba mate is linked to weight loss. Firstly, it is a diuretic and purifying drink, and thus it prevents liquid retention. 

Besides, the same as all caffeinated drinks, mate increases metabolism and makes it consume more energy – aiding in the fat burning process.

Maybe the most immediate effect of yerba mate on weight loss is our feeling full, which makes us feel satisfied, with no appetite for more time. A further effect is that it avoids the accumulation of lactic acid in our muscles and decreases tiredness, letting you train and practise sport for longer.

Some add that mate has a soothing, relaxing effect, doing away with emotional eating while preventing you from consuming more than needed.

Pouring a good Mate


When it is consumed excessively, mate can have side effects on the liver and blood pressure; therefore, it is recommendable to drink it moderately. Also, it is key to remember that though mate can lower appetite, it should not replace food, and if you wish to lose weight with yerba mate, professionals recommend a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Either way, the health benefits yerba mate has are unquestionable, and its regular consumption is strongly advised, even if it is not part of a weight loss diet.

It is always recommended to consult your doctor if you have any queries.

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